BCCI sets combined base price of INR. 33K crore for IPL media rights

BCCI sets combined base price of INR. 33K crore for IPL media rights

The five-year Indian Premier League (IPL) broadcasting rights cycle signed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) with Star Sports ends in 2022. The BCCI sets a combined base price of INR. 33K crore for IPL media rights has set an almost astronomical figure. INR 33000 crore for media rights of the Indian T20 League for a period of five years from 2023 to 2027.

In addition, BCCI's invitation will now have four different packages. It is said that there are 10 teams in the IPL and a total of 74 matches are played in the tournament every year.

IPL media rights divided into four bundles

The first bundle is for television rights in the Indian subcontinent, where the original cost of each transmission of IPL games is Rs 49 crore. This will add INR 18130 crore over a period of five years. The second package is for digital rights only and costs Rs. The original price of Rs 33 crore is offered. According to a report by Cricketbuzz, over a period of five years, Rs. 12210 crores will be added.

Package C has a package of 18 IPL matches. These 18 games include opening and closing games, playoff games, and all other games (night games) when playing a doubleheader. This amounts to a total of INR 1440 crore at a price of INR 16 crore per game. Package C will be available in the market for OTT players and will be sold to a single player.

Package D, intended for rights outside the Indian subcontinent, comes with a fee of INR 3 crore per game. To play 74 matches in five years, it will cost Rs 1110 crore and will include digital and television rights to the tournament.

According to information from the ITT,

Package A - Broadcast in the Indian subcontinent: The base price in this series is Rs 49 crore per game. In total, the original cost of 74 games for five years was Rs. 18,130 crore.

Package B - Digital Rights Indian Subcontinent: The base price of this package is Rs. 33 crores. Five year calculation Rs. 12,210 crore.

Bundle C: Non-Exclusive Package: Bundle C includes the much talked about special package which has 18 games and the minimum price per game in this cluster is Rs. 16 crores. For 74 games per season and five years, the package costs Rs 1440 crore.

Package D: Rest of the World (Out of Subcontinent) Rights: The basic cost of this package is Rs. 3 crores. The combined value of the reserve price for five years is Rs 1110 crore.


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