The Ricky Ponting doctrine: inside the mind of the IPL coach

The Ricky Ponting doctrine: inside the mind of the IPL coach

The Ricky Ponting doctrine: inside the mind of the IPL coach has revealed his struggle to get the best out of the Prithvi Show, an Indian hitting prodigy that he considers one of the most talented players.

"I've been trying to get Shaw under my wing for the last two years and I've really enjoyed working with him," Ponting told before leaving for India.

“I had some interesting conversations with him during last year’s IPL, just tried to break it down, try to train him properly, and find out how to get the best out of it.

"But there was an interesting principle about his batting last year - he's not going to bat if he's not scoring and he always wants to bat if he's scoring.

"He's played four or five games where he's under 10 and I tell him, 'We have to go to the net and find out what's going on,' and he looked me in the eye and said, 'No, I Don't hit today.

“I couldn’t really work that out.

"Maybe he's changed. I know he's done a lot in the last few months, the theory is that he can change and hopefully he's done it because he's a superstar if we can get the best out of him." Can anyone be a player? "

The show will be more important for Delhi in the coming weeks after skipper Shreyas Aiyar was ruled out of the tournament due to a shoulder injury and will definitely be in red-hot form in this year's IPL.

When he recently captained Mumbai in the Vijay Hazare Trophy, he scored 827 runs at a speed of 165.40, including four centuries in a stunning eight innings when he put together the most spectacular 50-over home campaign by an Indian batsman.

Ponting was not ashamed to give his opinion to Shaw during the IPL a few months ago.

"I worked hard at it," said the former Australia captain. "I basically told him, 'Dude, you need to get on the net. What you're thinking is not working for you.

"My job as a coach is to question the readiness when someone is not getting results. So I challenged him and he stuck to his word and did not train at all towards the back end of the tournament and did not score more runs towards the back end of tournament. ,

Shaw became the star of the future after scoring 546 runs in a school game at the age of 14 before becoming the youngest Indian to hit a Test century on his debut in 2018.

Since then, his batting technique has been exposed in public by people like Sachin Tendulkar and Ponting, who still believe that Shaw was capable of fulfilling his vast potential.

"Perhaps (his training habits) have changed for the better because (his success) will not only apply to Delhi Capitals, I am sure you will see him playing a lot of cricket for India in the years to come. Ponting said.

"It's low ... (Sachin) is in Tendulkar's form, but he hits the ball incredibly powerful from the front legs and backfoot and spins really well.

"If we can take it the way it was shown in the IPL, it is much better for us than Delhi Capitals.

"It (the money) goes down - I'm not sure I've seen more talented players than him during all my playing time."

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